Our Service

Our services cover all areas of Atlanta property management. We are efficient administrators for all kinds of properties, whether residential or commercial. Our team uses the latest digital applications for a comprehensive management protocol. We maintain strict confidentiality on all real estate data, be it the lease value or the cost of maintaining the property on a regular basis. We categorize our services in the following sections. 

Tenant acquisition 

You have the assurance of the right tenant acquisition guarantee from us. We understand that property owners may not have the time and resources to find the right people to lease the unit. Leave all your worries to us, and be at peace. We have an elaborate system of screening protocols that check each potential tenant under a microscope. Our personnel have the resources and the necessary connections to facilitate detailed background checks of tenants. 

We conduct criminal background checks, income proof check, and also verify the credit history. These steps ensure that your passive income flow remains certain as long as your property is within the lease agreement. Furthermore, our relationship manager personally talks to the tenants to be sure that they are the best of people! Our experience dictates that issues with tenancies only come forth when the person in question is of a dubious character. We never let this happen to our valued clients. 

Digital book-keeping

We deploy the latest digital tools to maintain complete records of all property related information. Besides, the digital interface also serves as a convenient touch-point for interacting with landlords and tenants. All your data is kept secured in confidential servers managed by a team of efficient professionals. Besides, this system also lets us provide vital documents such as the tenancy history of the property in a professional format. 

We follow strict selective access systems with your data. A SLA will be signed to enforce the legal boundaries of data confidentiality. Furthermore, the digital records are also essential for calculating property tax payments, deficits, over-dues, and other parameters. 

Efficient management 

We handle overall property management criteria. Our experience in the Atlanta property market has been instrumental in establishing our reputation. All our personnel own personal properties in Atlanta, and hence can provide valuable first-hand insights into property management protocols. 

Also, we can be of help when owners own multiple properties, and it is a time-intensive matter to look after all of them. Using our innovative digital systems, we keep track of all units within the bracket of the single ownership. Our finance team will also be able to provide actionable insights on how to improve the value of properties by using the latest real estate market projections in Atlanta.

Our services are designed to serve landlords for the better. We maintain complete honesty and transparency in all our dealings. Your contract with us will proceed only after consenting and agreeing to an SLA, written in plain English. We are always here for you, helping you with all things related to proper property management, from rentals to regular maintenance. 

24/7 property maintenance service 

We offer a 24/7 property maintenance service to the best of our abilities. Our customer service department is manned by experienced professionals. We have significant experience in the types of issues that may develop in the ongoing duress of maintaining a property. The issues can range from being electrical, to mechanical, plumbing, roofing, and general repairs work. In addition, we also handle landscaping, painting, and other property beautification projects. Let us know if you need to renovate your property. Whether it is a partial renovation work or a complete overhaul of the property, we can handle it. 

Our experience in real estate deals tells us that a renovated property is always a better investment compared to one that is not. Even a simple kitchen renovation or a basement work can fetch a greater amount than the baseline market value of the property. We also handle urgent renovation works such as repairing faulty plumbing and handling major electrical faults.